Hey, I'm Sarah and I'm on a mission:

~ To help you fall in love with yourself and your body exactly as you are.

~ To help you step into your authentic light and realise how magic and amazing you are.

~ To share my unique message of self-love and body positivity with the world through yoga, workshops, retreats, public speaking and writing.





As a child I was a bubbly, outgoing, sassy little girl with big dreams. But at 11 years old, after some horrible comments from some girls at school,         I dimmed my light.

I began to hate myself and wanted to change myself in every way possible. Dieting, caring too much about what others thought of me, comparing myself to the other girls and constantly telling myself that I wasn't enough and I wasn't loved.

This carried on all through my teens and early 20s as my mantra for life became "I'll be happy and liked when I'm skinny".

I couldn't look in the mirror without saying something negative about myself or bursting into tears. I stayed in a job for three years that I hated and told myself that this was just my life and I didn't deserve any better. I wasted 13 years of my life dimming my light and suppressing my authentic self.

Three years ago, everything changed. I decided that I didn’t deserve to be so unhappy. So I quit my job and started taking my life back. I read lots of self-development books, took up yoga and started to learn who I was again; I began to accept and even love myself for who I was. I stopped trying to change myself all the time and instead just allowed myself to be me.

And then everything began to change...my health improved physically and mentally, my relationships became stronger and I formed new life-long friendships with a tribe of like-minded, incredible women. My wildest dreams began to come true.
 The dream life I had wished for for so long, became my reality. 

Fast forward to now, and I am 100% unconditionally and unapologetically head over heels in love with myself. All of myself. Every single bit.
And I am here to help YOU feel the exact same way...



what self-love means to mE...

Self-love is accepting and appreciating ourselves for exactly who we are in this moment.

Self-love is giving ourselves permission to be our most real, most authentic selves.

Self-love is making every single choice from a place of love.






I teach regular classes throughout the week which focus on how your body feels, not how it looks. Self-love and body positivity are at the forefront of my practice as I believe yoga is for everyBODY.


I am passionate about writing and using my voice to express myself and share my unique message in this way. I write regularly about self-love, body positivity, yoga and manifestation. You can read my blog here and find links to other blogs/articles/websites I have contributed to.



I love to hold space for women (and men) to share my message of self-love and body positivity. You can find all of my upcoming speaking events, workshops and retreats right here on my website - and get in touch to book me for your event too.